Monday, 24 August 2009


This was on Monday ... but I forgot to publish it so it's now Wednesday

Outside my window: is a grey cloudy sky, which threatens more rain. We have had a lovely few days thought so I will not grumble.

I am thinking: it is only 2 more weeks before I go back to school. The summer holidays have gone quickly but I have enjoyed them.

From the learning rooms: it is best not to stop and ponder over old diaries when you are meant to be tidying up but pouring over one I found from one 1991 and it let me see that children are our heritage and my 11 year old son had told me that we are like footballers waiting for the final whistle to go, when the whistle goes for us as Christians we will be with Jesus but now we are only playing in the game. I wrote quite a piece on it so will share it on Blessed Honeycombs soon.

I am thankful for: daughter in law who has been over this morning helping me sort out some things in one of the bedrooms.

From the kitchen: nothing yet but hopefully something nice for tea, possible tuna pasta bake.

I am wearing: pale blue t.shirt and jeans.

I am reading: my Bible, and I am in revelation at the mo. I've got a page missing though as I'm reading it in my bedroom and the bible I have in there is old with no front or back and chapter 15 of revelation is missing, so I will hunt it down or get my other bible from downstairs.

I am creating: all things flowers, enamelled, in my little studio. Trying to get ready for an exhibition we are doing nearer Christmas. It will take me some time so I am starting now.

I am hearing: my worship CD playing 'There is a Higher Throne', beautiful song.

Around the house: chaos, I know it is not spring but I am having a clear out which is why my daughter in law was helping me. It is amazing how much we hoard over the years but it is time to have a clear out.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Looking after Olivia for a couple of hours tomorrow while Sam takes the boys swimming. Babysitting Wednesday night and then my studio for the rest of the week.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing:
I got my son a brick for his 18th birthday, yes a brick in the wall of his favourite football team.
I did get him some other things too. Marc showing the boys his brick. It was just a lovely day when we visited the family and then went to the beach and passed the football stadium so we could buy football shirts and show the brick. I know ... but the boys loved it.