Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Outside my window ...
it is bright and sunny but it is Sunday morning not Monday so I'm doing this a day early as I'll be at work tomorrow.

I am thinking ...
and praying that my grandson will recover soon from asthma, and that my friend Diane will soon be well.

From the learning rooms ... Genesis and creation vs evolution. Genesis and creation win hands down.

From the kitchen ... so desperately need to get those walls plastered so I can decorate

I am wearing ... grey skirt and grey and black top, usually it would be jeans and a tea shirt but I go to church straight from the unit and can't get home to change so do try to look respectable sometimes.

I am creating ...
thoughts in my mind of how I'd like the house to look once I start to decorate or should I say if I start as it's one of those things that I put off

Around the house ...
so much to be done not enough time to do it but the vacuum cleaner that my friend gave me after mine blew up on me is a good one and picks up everything. Thanks Ri

One of my favorite things ...
spending a few hours playing with my grandchildren. Tom is becoming chatty now in his own way and Ben just talks none stop and tells me lots of interesting things like Ben 10, is real now nana he's not just a cartoon. Sort of reminds of my own son when he was younger.

A few plans for the rest of the week ...
a back massage tomorrow evening. It truly is relaxing after sitting over the computer at work for so long.

A photo I am sharing ... my two lovely grandsons. Their mum had just picked Ben up from school and Tom wanted to walk with him, he was only a year old at the time. Ben took his hand and walked with him. The photo is just simply titled - "He's my Brother"


  1. Your grandsons are adorable Jean :-) I love the "he's not a cartoon" comment - hee hee. They do say the cutest things don't they?

    Hope you enjoyed your day at church and that tomorrow you'll really enjoy that massage!

    Have a great week. I've missed your Daybook posts!

    Hugs xo

  2. Is your date set right sis? It says Feb 17th for this post? I'm sure I've been by here in the past month and not seen this post?
    Love the pic, your little boys will grow up so fast, I can't wait to see your little granddaughter :-)
    Love ya